Friday, October 27, 2006

Radio 1 Live Lounge - Best Torrent I've Never Bought

I'd strongly advise downloading this torrent. A brilliant compilation of radio 1's live lounge tunes. If you want to hear Kasabian do Prodigy, Snow Patrol do Beyonce (sounds a bit dodgy...), Razorlight do Outkast, McFly do the Kaiser Chiefs then get going.

If you're new to the torrent world read this...

Free Speech on the Net / Web (whatever you want to call it...!)

I've just caught a story on the beeb regarding freedom of speech on the netweb (couldn't decide what to stick to...). Have a gander at it here, it's worth a look. The rough gist of the story is that amnesty international want bloggers to publicise plight of bloggers who basically get banged up in prison for writing their online journals.

It's pretty thought provoking to read this guy's story on his own blog, the poor bastard's probably getting his finger nails pulled out as we speak. It's worth having an online drift through this to some of the other links mentioned. This is quite a disturbing one that some of you might remember about a 16 yr old girl in Iran who was executed by some sadistic islamic nut (who happened to be a rather ordinary , the guy even kindly put on the noose himself, how nice of him....

Must admit that if I had my way, I'd line all these bastards up and shoot them. You might start thinking "wouldn't that make you as bad as them"? It's a tricky one that always prevents us from doing anything to help. Debating morals rather than taking action. Even when we do take action, it's often the wrong action and as we all know it's for all the wrong reasons. However, there's no doubt that our lack of action will result in our downfall eventually. Well, that and the fact that the thinkers are tending not to have 10 kids a pop.

I take my hat off to the beeb though, they're quite happy to publicise a blog that slags them off on the first page (specifically targeting Radio 4 for pro Islamic republic article). Good stuff beeb!

Anyway, i've noticed that the UN have decided to set up a conference to discuss the future of the webnet. I'm sure they'll decide on something this side of the next ice age.

It's certainly interesting to look at different perspectives on the internet. It seems that the Chinese quite simply see it as another channel of communication that should be controlled, simple as that. Policy towards the use of the internet for free speech has been exactly the same as the approch to TV and press, i.e. there shouldn't be any! It certainly brings a reality check to those who thought the internet was free entity with no geolocation. Unfortunately in China, the internet is chinese and is owned by the state. Whether this is a good thing or not doesn't really matter, it's reality at work.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Interesting Fact of the Day!

I'm without a doubt someone who tends to start off a conversation with "Did you know...." I fully realise that this can often be quite obnoxious but deep down inside we all like to learn something new every day.

So today's fact (well, i hope it's a fact...) was taken from another blog that I happened to be looking through. I was looking through google for information on the South African "Numbers Gang" and for some reason I got to this guy's blog that was talking about Muslim gang rapes increasing in the Swedish town of Malmo.

In a truly meandering Google lifestyle, the fact of the day has nothing to do with either the South African "Numbers Gang", or violent crime in Sweden.

Although Jews make up just 0.2% of the world's population, they have received more than 120 Nobel prizes in science, economics, medicine and literature.

Now, I must point out the following:

i) I don't know for sure that this is a fact, i'm only taking Fjordman's word for it!

ii) I don't know for sure that 120 Nobel prizes isn't 0.2% of all of the Nobel prizes ever won! I'm reasonably sure that it's not though...

Anyway, that's my interesting fact for the day. You can have a look at Fjordman's article here. It is quite interesting if you've got some time to look over it. It sets out a well structured arguement but i'd warn in advance, it's a bit anti-islamic. Whilst you're at it i've put links for Nobel prizes, it's worth reading the story behind it.


The Beginning

I guess the beginning is where all thing start and this is it!

If i'm doing this properly then there must be laws, rules and guides. After all there's no structure without rules, is there?

O.K. Rule one, let me think....

Rule Number One -

I promise that I will always be frank about my opinions and not hold back, no matter how right or wrong I think it may be.

That's not a bad rule. I think i'll leave it at that just now and see how we get one. Much like modern government and religion, I can always add extra rules as I need them....